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iLiveMath 1234 Series

iLiveMath1, 2, 3, and 4 Series are available as multi-platform apps designed to run on iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch), and Android (Google Play, Kindle, Nook).


iLiveMath Math Word Problem App Series

Each Spans 1st through 6th Grade with three levels of difficulty; Kindergarteners may enjoy the photos & videos. These are only available on Apple iOS.

iLiveMath Oceans

math app

Animals of Africa and Asia

iLiveMath Animals of Africa

math app

iLiveMath Animals of Asia

math app

Transportation Trio

iLiveMath Speed

math app

iLiveMath Trains

math app

iLiveMath Ford Cars

math app

Agriculture and Entomology

iLiveMath Farm Fresh

math app

iLiveMath Entomology

math app

iLiveMath2 Web App Lite

2nd Grade Math

iLiveMath2 Web App

Click Below - supported on Safari and Chrome


In addition to the App Stores our iLiveMath1234 app series is also available as a web app. This will allow you to run the app from any browser whether from a PC, tablet, or smartphone. First select an operation type from the menu and a problem will appear with a selection button, submit button, and appropriate graphic.

  • Read the problem and select an answer and click "Submit"
  • Select the button for the the next problem
  • Repeat

Additional functional buttons include:

  • Return to operations menu list
  • Refresh correct and total counter (top right)
  • Send results via email
  • Shuffle problems in a particular operations group for review and reinforcement