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California based iHomeEducator, Inc. has released iLiveMath1 to iLiveMath4 for 1st through 4th Grade, a new educational app series for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Google Play, Kindle, and Nook. Going beyond math equations and flash cards, iLiveMath will test students with illustrative questions. Students will be challenged with their applied math skills. iLiveMath blends science and math based questions with photos to help engage students providing cross-curricular teaching opportunities.

Sacramento, California - iHomeEducator(R), Inc. has released iLiveMath1 through iLiveMath4 to provide educators different options in teaching math and science. The app series has been designed to be cross-platform and focus on key grade levels. iLiveMath blends science and math based questions with photos to help engage students providing cross-curricular teaching opportunities. For record keeping and review, results are tallied and can be emailed to the parent or instructor. Variables are randomly generated so the problem variations are nearly endless. There are a variety of quiz and problem sequences for repeatability, review, and, reinforcement with each app.

"iHomeEducator(R) apps can be found throughout [our] recommended lists because of their sound educational value throughout the curriculum and across grade levels, along with the attention paid to provide apps that are Universally Designed for all Learners (UDL)." Lisa Pospishil- Assistive Technology Specialist and Apple Distinguished award winner.

"'It's so much fun,' the student said, deftly moving his fingers across the touch screen to show the different themes and pictures... available in the iLiveMath application" - Albuquerque Journal By Hailey Heinz Journal Staff Writer

iLiveMath1 through iLiveMath4 is a complementary addition to the award-winning iLiveMath series with the following features, functions, and benefits:

  • Cross-curricular - Opportunity for cross-curricular teaching (i.e.: blending math and science)
  • Record Keeping - Results are tallied and can be emailed for review and record keeping (i.e.: ideal for home educators, parents, tutors, and teachers)
  • Per Grade - Ability to focus problems at the level of a child's competency
  • Per Problem Type - Ability to select an operation type and focus on these problems
  • Random Review - Ability to review all problems within a group of operation types
  • No guessing - Answers must be selected from a list of possible answers so there is no guessing
  • No need for data upload - Educators do not need to create or upload questions since they are randomly generated by the app
  • No Ads - We do not display any ads
  • No social networking - Facebook and Twitter links are not included

    "The whole iLiveMath series, is ideal for English Language Learners because of the rich visuals. The bright colors and real-life photos really enhance the learning and provide opportunities for vocabulary enrichment. Even without the math part of the app, I could see myself plopping one of the problems down in the middle of a chart paper, and doing a sort of modified PWIM (Picture Word Inductive Model), having a group of students write down (or me scribing for them) all the different colours, objects, etc. that they see in the picture, and then writing a sentence about it." Vera C. Teschow, OCT, M.Ed., MOT

    Arlene Lee, Co-founder and CEO, said, "As a parent and educator of three children, we strive and have carefully developed mobile applications based upon the child's grade level and interests. We've seen our own children benefit a great deal and we hope that our applications will help your children find learning to be new and fun as well."

    Other apps in the series will include iLiveMath5 through iLiveMath8 which will be released for iOS and Android.

    iLiveMath Animals of Africa, iLiveMath Animals of Asia, iLiveMath Oceans, iLiveMath Speed, iLiveMath and other apps in the iLive series for Math and Language Arts are only available on iOS devices.

    iHomeEducator(R), Inc. is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. Recommended Ages: 5-10 Categories: Math, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Pre-Algebra

    Device Requirements:

  • iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • Requires iPhone OS 5.0 or later
  • iLiveMath also available on Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook
  • ~10MB each

    • Pricing and Availability:
    • iLiveMath1234 Lite is free with sample problems.
    • iLiveMath Series price range is between $0.99 to $4.99 depending upon level and App Store.

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