The Bird in the Beret

February 7, 2013 - iHomeEducator, Inc.: To provide educators different options in teaching math and science we have expanded our reach with our new iLiveMath series. The app series has been designed to be cross-platform and focus on key grade levels. We have blended science and math based questions with photos to help engage students providing cross-curricular teaching opportunities. For record keeping and review, results are tallied and can be emailed to the parent or instructor. Since we randomly generate the problem the variations are nearly endless. No quiz and problem sequence will be the same for repeatability, review, and, reinforcement.

Over the last few years we have listened to our users and their favorite features have been retained. New features have been added which did not exist in the original series.

  • Cross-curricular - Focus on this series will be cross curricular teaching (i.e.: blending math and science)
  • No guessing - Answers must be selected from a list of possible answers so there is no guessing
  • Per Grade - Ability to focus problems at the level of a child's competency
  • Per Problem Type - Ability to select an operation type and focus on these problems
  • Random Review - Ability to review all problems within a group of operation types
  • No need for data upload - Educators do not need to create or upload questions since they are randomly generated by the app
  • No Ads - We do not display any ads
  • No social networking - Facebook and Twitter links are not included
  • Record Keeping - Results are tallied and can be emailed for review and record keeping - such as for home educators.
  • Common Core Standards - Attention to Math Common Core Standards have been made in creating each problem type for each app
  • Minimize Distractions - too much animation or videos were distracting from the primary purpose: A "living workbook" for applied math.
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