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iHomeEducator, Inc. is announcing support of Android apps to help promote quality learning assessment tools on devices such as the Kindle Fire, and Galaxy Tab. To make this happen a new series of apps have been designed for iLiveMath. While previous apps were designed natively for iOS these new apps will be able to support cross-platform functionality.

iLiveMath1-6 (iOS, Android...)

iLiveMath1-6 is based upon the original award-winning iLiveMath series. The new design focuses on each operation type and addresses the need to follow Common Core Standards for math assessment. iLiveMath1 is targeted at 1st grade standards. iLiveMath2 through 6 will follow for subsequent grades.

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As with other iLive apps:

  • Problems are presented randomly with associated photos.
  • Pick lists are popped up and answers are submitted to be checked for correctness.
  • All incorrect and correct answers are tallied and results can be emailed to the instructor.
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The new iLiveMath1 through iLiveMath6 series will be grade specific and focused on Common Core Standards.

In the original series word problems were randomly generated across various operations (i.e.: addition and subtraction, etc.). In the new series each operations type will be selectable and randomly reviewed with a group of problems appropriate for the learning level.

Please check back in with us as we release each of the apps in this series. We plan to make these apps available across Google Play, Amazon, Apple, B&N, and Windows App Stores.


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