The Bird in the Beret

Education Supercollider

When and Where: Friday, Nov. 30th, 9AM - 5PM at HackerLab, 1715 I St, Sacramento, CA

What: Attention teachers, entrepreneurs, Ed-Tech visionaries, developers and anyone else who wants to shake up education as we know it! Join us for a day of thought-provoking presentations, action pitches, break-out sessions and panel discussions.

Ideas + you + action = progress!

The Idea: a super collision between many forces driving innovation in education.

Our mission is to disrupt education positively by opening the doors to schools nationwide; we promote more experimentation, new ideas, software, and gaming as an integral part of the curriculum.

iHomeEducator, Inc. had the opportunity last week to sponsor and speak at the Education Supercollider. The event lasted all day with various speakers and breakout sessions. iHomeEducator, Inc. was represented by Andy Lee, Chief Innovator, and Abby Lee, Product Manager.

Other Speakers:

  • Allen Fahden, Author, Corporate trainer, and former stand-up comic - "Innovation / Making work (or educational model) fit the person"
  • Lee Chazen, Lee Chazen is an educational program developer, as well as the founder of Global Challenge. - "The User Generated Classroom."
  • Allan Katzen, founder of Game Truck Party - "Game Truck’s Educational Program."
  • Ash Roughani, Chief Evangelist of Public Innovation. Ash is a creative change agent and systems thinker with a capacity to solve complex problems. - Co-creating a culture of innovation.
  • Alex Terrazas, VP, MSci at Nielsen - "Lessons learned from Google Goggles project and Nielson"
  • Andrew Lee, Chief Innovator and Co-founder at iHomeEducator, Inc. - "Mobile App Innovation for Education and Productivity".
  • Graham Ryland, President of Barobo - "Robotics in the classroom"
  • Charles Van Norman, Founder, Fractal Games - "How to make education games that are actually fun"

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