It’s important for us to write more to work on our penmanship, the art or skill of writing by hand.

To practice your penmanship, Audrey, our family artist, is excited to show her art to the world in her shop, “The Bird In the Beret” for original art stationary.

Here are some tips on writing neatly in a greeting card which I’m personally guilty in not following:

  • Good Posture – no slouching or laying down on the job.  Good posture goes a long way
  • Use a good pen – nothing is more frustrating than starting a greeting card and running out of ink.
  • Draft it first – write out your letter on another piece of paper.
  • Draw some lines in pencil – use a ruler and draw out some guidelines… then erase them later.**
  • Practice, practice, practice – write quick notes to say “thank you”, “happy birthday”, or just a simple “hello”.

Thanks in advance in taking the time to browse Audrey’s online store.  We hope you like her cute stationery and we welcome your feedback.  If you would like to see a particular design please feel free to contact us or comment.

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** Ideas from