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The junior jumps for joy as she holds her class list in her hands. She made all the classes she wanted. Her face glows with jubilation. She hugs her family and her dog. She dances around the room and tells her friends who are worried and confused as to why she's happy. But she isn't just happy, she's ecstatic! She launches herself into the new semester refreshed and excited. However, the joy doesn't last for long. Her AP US History class starts late, putting her into panic and mayhem. She struggles to stay afloat in her first semester. Homework buries her. Essays assail her. And her grades!! Oh the horrors! The pain! How will she survive?!

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Horrible @ Geography :P Hi Everyone!

Thanksgiving break is coming up and it has been a really LONG time since I've blogged. Just to give an update on my life: I'm a Sophomore now and nearly through my first semester. (Woo-hoo! :D).


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Join in Galactic Unite’s lesson plans in support of STEM


"Who else is feeling supersonic? Everyone who loves adventure and is fascinated by space has a smile on their face today..."

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Only 5 percent of U.S. college graduates major in engineering

Go Boilermakers! - it was great to hear the chairman from Indiana speak so highly of Purdue University my alma mater.  As an engineering graduate from Purdue University I hope our apps and web apps can help a future budding engineer.

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UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2013 spans the globe

iHomeEducator, Inc. was one of more than 300 attending the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2013 symposium and 500 registered for the webinars organized during the UNESCO second annual Mobile Learning Week (MLW 2013), which took place at UNESCO Headquarters from 18 to 22 February 2013.

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Raising the Bar: Education innovation & teacher performance hearings


Feb. 26, 2013 - Washington D.C. continues hearings on education.  Last February 15th a series of witnesses spoke to the United States House of Representatives Education & The Workforce Committee on "Raising the Bar: How Education Innovation Can Improve Student Achievement".  On February 28th, 2013 the hearings continue on "Raising the Bar: How are Schools Measuring Teacher Performance?".


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Apps World 2013 Conferences and the social-economic impact on Edtech


On February 7-8th, 2013, approximately 5,500 mobile developers, entrepreneurs, marketeers, innovators and investors converged upon San Francisco’s Moscone Center for the Apps World North America 2013 conference.

Apps World 2013 - Discover the future of multi-platform apps

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Mobile World Congress features a new series of phones, tablets, and phablets


Feb. 25-28, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, the Mobile World Congress features the mobile ecosystem which continues to expand at lightning speed, with rapid innovation and new telecom devices and services.

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Mac trojan horse virus enters through Java enabled browser

Multiple virus attacks have been reported recently which have attacked companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Apple.

It seems these are different virus types but the most recent virus can actually open a backdoor in Mac computers for hackers to attack.  This type of virus is called a trojan horse.  The virus infects computers through various means.  Earlier virus attacks were through email attachments however this most recent virus attacks through a browser enabled to run Java when a user visits infected websites.

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Dr. Ben S. Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast with words on education


Please see video on original reference: Examiner Aricle

On Feb. 7, 2013, Dr. Ben S. Carson a neurosurgeon and Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast to President Obama, vice president, and distinguished guests.

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Giving Thanks

This year has been quite a year... new family members, new trials.  We're learning to be thankful for each and every day.

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Surprise Quizzes! :\

What if you could be ready for those surprise quizzes?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to A+ that quiz and have a bunch of points to bump up your grade? To be able to look at the whiteboard or page with extreme calmness and think, "I've got this!" :) To sit with a silent smile on your face that will make others wonder, "How does she do it?!".

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Mission Control... We are ready for launch!

Image from NASA Mission Control Gallery

NASA Mission Control Centers, Network Operation Centers, IT Organizations...

and Educators.... Educators?

What do they have in common?


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Plan, Write, Rewrite.....

An idea zooms into your brain. You create a PLAN. You Write and Write and Write and Rewrite. Then Rewrite and Proofread, And Write some more........


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Grief - a life lesson

We lost a member of the family this week when our dog, Pepper, died suddenly on Sunday.

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I think in pictures...

I think in pictures...

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Another Back-to-School Giveaway - 4 iLiveMath apps AND 1 iLiveVocab SAT

Rafflecopter giveaway in the News and Facebook...

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Overcoming Writer's Block with iPlanToWrite and IEW

For professional writers the worst feeling is staring at a blank sheet of paper or white computer screen and trying to get started.  This can be devastating to a person that makes their living in writing but for a student who has not yet mastered the writing skills and thought process behind writing it becomes their major roadblock.

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New Territory - High School

I started this school year with some anxiety as our oldest daughter starts high school...

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Back-to-School September Rafflecopter Rafflecopter giveaway on Facebook.


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