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iLiveMath Key Differentiators

iLive Series Key Differentiators:

  • Automated Grading: Teachers and Parents use auto-generated email and blogs to keep track of student progress.  Examples of recorded grammar app tests and math app tests show how questions are randomly compiled and how the test captures the student's correct, incorrect answers, the final percentage/count scores, and answer key.
  • Universal Apps: Most all of the educational apps for the iPad also run on the iPhone and iPod Touch as universal apps however we are starting to experiment with dedicated Educational iPad Apps which will allow us to maximize the features and functions of the iPad.

Volume Purchase Program

We support the Apple Volume Purchase Program for education organizations.

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iLiveVocab GRE

"Everyday, I hear from parents who are looking for quality educational apps for their high schooler. While there are 1000s that teach the alphabet, there are not many geared toward the upper grades. iHomeEducator steps into the gap with iLiveVocab! Your student can now beef up his vocabulary with 5000 words from the SAT!"

iLiveVocab GRE screenshot

iLiveVocab GRE

iLiveVocab SAT screenshot

iLiveVocab GRE

See our iLiveVocab SAT Facebook album or the iLiveVocab GRE Facebook album for more screenshots.

iLiveVocab SAT takes flash cards to the next level. Students are drilled on 5000 SAT words for college level preparation through randomly generated multiple-choice problems.

"Our oldest daughter enters 8th grade and we plan to give her an early start to SAT vocabulary." Andy Lee, iHomeEducator Chief Innovation Officer.

iLiveVocab GRE has 3900 GRE words and operaties in a similar fashion but with national park photos.

Special thanks goes to Davis Carman, Apologia Educational Ministries President, for inspiring us with this app.

Why the lighthouse theme? We were looking for a way to encourage students as they work on their SAT vocabulary... over a dozen photos of lighthouses are included.

There are four drill modes:

  • The word is presented and the student selects from four random definitions.
  • The definition is presented and the student selects from four random words.
  • The definition is presented and the student spells the word... This is the most difficult mode.
  • Random - picks from the previous three modes randomly.

The 5000 words are shuffled and word/definition pairs are selected randomly from the shuffled list.

To help the student, parent, and teacher we have included the iLive standard feature of automatic testing, grading, email and blog feature.

In addition to mailing the test results, parents and teachers can switch on mail2blogger by going to the device settings. You can switch on the mail2blogger feature to send tests to a blog. These tests can be reviewed on:

Teachers and families can also set up their own blog to store test results for future review and study.

Universal app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Description for Chinese Students

Foreign students can also increase their vocabulary

iLiveVocab SAT 将抽认卡片提高到了更高的一个层次。考生可以通过自由组合成的选择题以达到练习 5000 个 SAT 词汇的目的。


  • 给出单词,学生从四个定义中找正确答案
  • 给出单词定义,学生从四个单词中找正确答案
  • 给出单词定义,学生需要拼写出单词。这种方式最难
  • 随机式:以上三种之一

    把 5000 个单词象洗牌一样打乱,把单词和其定义在打乱的卡片中成对找出

    为了个更好地帮助,学生,家长和老师们, iLiveVocab SAT 还有如下功能:自动测验,打分,发电邮及 Blog.