Anything that makes my 8 year old want to do math, especially word problems, is great in my book. The animal theme really appeals to her, and sneaks in learning about animal groups.

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iLiveMath Key Differentiators

iLive Series Key Differentiators:

  • Automated Grading: Teachers and Parents use auto-generated email and blogs to keep track of student progress.  Examples of recorded grammar app tests and math app tests show how questions are randomly compiled and how the test captures the student's correct, incorrect answers, the final percentage/count scores, and answer key.
  • Universal Apps: Most all of the educational apps for the iPad also run on the iPhone and iPod Touch as universal apps however we are starting to experiment with dedicated Educational iPad Apps which will allow us to maximize the features and functions of the iPad.

iLiveMathSpeed iLiveMathSpeed


❝Voted Best Educational Math Apps by IEAR❞ Available on iTunes for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

In honor of the Space Shuttle program which is being retired this year and all those that dare to speed...

Teach math, reading, and science. Basic to Advanced mathematics include addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Reading comprehension and science concepts include mph, km/h, knots, Mach, speed of sound, Supersonic, Hypersonic, etc..


iLiveMath Speed is packed with multimedia photos, videos, sounds to engage students in understanding addition, subtraction, rate, distance, time, etc...



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Music Source: "TUNNEL "CREDITS: Song Title : Tunnel Artist: Neelix Album : Elektro Composer: Andrea Cuppini - Paolo Castelluccia, Publishing: Il Laboratorio del Ritmo S.n.c. Edizioni Musicali


General Instructions:

  • Review dynamically and randomly generated word problems
  • Share your question and answer summaries on our community blog
  • Email the questions and answers to your educator for review
  • Tweet questions to followers and friends
  • Explore related educational wiki links in a kid safe browser
  • Watch fun educational videos after you've correctly answered a certain number of questions. This can be set by the educator at a threshold of 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 correct answers before the video feature is enabled


  • Level 1: Basic Addition and Subtraction
  • Level 2: Includes Addition, Subtraction, and Basic Fractions
  • Level 3: Includes Addition, Subtraction, and Fractions

Universal App release advantages:

  • Runs on iPad as well as iPhone/iPod touch
  • Layout for the iPad fully utilizes the larger screen, new button layout, new picker popup, and new view transitions
  • Landscape and Portrait Mode is supported for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
iLiveMathSpeed iLiveMathSpeed


Note above the different layouts for the iPhone/iPod Touch (left Sailing example) and the iPad (right Maglev Train example). The Universal app design automatically takes advantage of the larger space.

Device Requirements:

  • iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • iLiveMath Speed is a Universal App and therefore automatically runs on the iPad
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later (tested on iOS4)
  • Compiled on Operating System 3.2
  • ~12 MB



Photo Acknowledgements: Public Domain and Creative Commons License 2.0, All original links are available upon request.

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